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Garden Clearance

Overgrown Garden Clearance the easy way.

Get your garden cleared of overgrowth and restore its shine.

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Here is what to expect from your garden clearance

Just tell us exactly what you need and your garden clearance service will be carried out to your specific requirements. It can include:

  • Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble
  • Trimming and cutting back hedges
  • Pruning or complete removal of bushes, trees, and ivy
  • Lawn mowing
  • Removal of broken fence panels and other broken garden features
  • Leaf clearance

Keep in mind that this sort of gardening service may take from several hours to a complete day, depending on the state of the garden. 

How much is a Garden Clearance?

We charge per job as every job is different. We factor in the estimated time to do the work, any costs that occur for our equipment eg fuel, chains etc and cost of removal of the waste.

How many Gardeners do you send?

It depends on how big the job is. Usually, we send a team of 2 to clear an overgrown garden. However, if we are dealing with a really overgrown garden that needs more work, we will send a bigger team to complete the work.

Do i need to reschedule my job if the weather is bad?

You dont have to worry about that. The Gardeners can work in most weather condition aslong as it doesn't affect the end result of the job. Our equipment is all petrol so we do not need any electric therefore weather is fine for our equipment. 

Can you remove general waste from the Garden aswell?

Yes we can. This will be priced up as part of the job although if we find buried in the garden items that could not been seen when quoting this would be an additional cost. 

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